Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Mic!!

I got a new mic so hopefully i'll be putting up some better quality vids on my songs yeah? Thanks for the support so far guys!!

Monday, January 07, 2008

Carol of the Bells....

I have no idea who it is at the piano but OMG!!! I have no words to express at this amazing arrangement and rendition of "Carol of the Bells" but it blew me away. From it's piano solo opening to it's blending of different musical genres and not to mention the usual weaving between minor and major....just watch and listen and you'll understand.

Although i have to say there seems to be quite a few bad notes being played....unsure whether they were purposely done so as to immitate the chaotic chimes of bells or did he just play the wrong note due to the excitement and stuff....hmmm.

Sunday, December 30, 2007


Ah...a tad bit too early i guess... It IS just the eve, not yet New Year's.

But i know i will forget and not log on for awhile so i thought an early entry would be good. Plus i'll be going down to the city later for some fireworks and stuff...and probably not gonna come back till tomorrow afternoon or something. Adrian...YOUR ROOM IS MINE!!! MUAHHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

Well, blabbers aside, i just wanna recap on my year for you guys...wait, it's really more for me i guess. I don't even KNOW who regularly reads my blog (most likely due to my inconsistent blogging efforts + lack of pictures).

The year has been rather harsh for me. Bad results...REALLY bad results (actually more the other way around) and then a referral letter from uni informing me that i might possibly be kicked out unless i respond appropriately and give reasons pertaining to my horrible examination capabilities and swear to improve and finish off my degree thus being able to stop paying them as well. Which i believe, as a business, is a really dumb idea anyways...kicking full-fee paying students out of uni. So i guess uni isn't all that corporate and profit-seeking as i deem it to be. There's still some ethics in this world that's going down the drain. Unless the whole point of kicking out non-acheiving students would be to improve their credibility and thus the innate ability of the uni to attract students from all over the world to suck out more money from their hard-working families. Hmmm...this train of thought is going nowhere therefore i shall drop it.

At least it's been a good year for my sis. Getting into NUS to do dentistry and thus in time make alot of money as well as being able to give me free dentals!! Hurrah for my over-acheiving sister!! Not so well informed on my other sister though. But i hear she's doing alright so that's good. Now I'M the black sheep. Maybe that has always been the case....i don't know.

Did i mention that today is really H-O-T HOT!!! (that was pretty duh~~) I can't believe how hot it is....OMFG it's hot. Wait, i can. I HAVE been through this last year. Damn. 40 blardy degrees!! 41 to be exact. Then again, i'm not really sure how high IS the weather today so my "exact" cannot be taken for granted. Again, i'm rambling. Just random words being put together by this messed up head of mine - my excuse being the heat.

Oh yes. Another pointless input. Another shitty job this year. At least it's not the bosses who are giving me the heat. Just one person. He is insignificant in my life (repeat 10x). Ohm......

Well, enough about my year. Let's talk about yours!! How do you do that through the blog...never got to that part. I hope it's been great with yours.

It'll be another year in a few hours time so i shall not dwell on the past anymore. Look forward, stick my best foot out and take the step into a New Year hoping, praying (not really) and working towards a better life - in ALL aspects. Hint hint! (Don't think too hard. You'll get a headache. If you don't get it...forget about it. If you do, don't confirm with me)

Let's head on to a new roller coaster ride together!!! WOOTS!!!

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Falling Star....not bad!

OK...this time i will keep this here. It's not great but at least it's not shit. Or at least i think so.

I've decided to postpone the previous song (Summer Skies) for abit till i kinda finish the bridge/refrain.

So here you are. One of my originals (which i hope sometime in the near future will make me loads of money so i can roll around and bathe in it and buy all kinds of stuff without worrying about my next paycheck while attracting tons of hot babes who will beckon at my every beck and call while constantly massaging my aching body). Smiles!

Friday, December 07, 2007

I took it off...

It lasted for less than a day. And i took it off.... Omg.... It was horrible...
I couldn't stand watching myself sing so horribly anymore...nor do i want the whole world to know how bad the vid was. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!!

First time vid...and it SUCKED!!

Yes wani... I took your suggestion and made good use of it. Now it's here for all to see...me screwing up.

I could just try my best and do a good one but i can't be bothered anymore. Not for tonight anyways. Got better things to do...like bum around.

Have a laugh and try and get the gist of the song. Actually, it's not a completed song yet...so it's good i screwed up i guess.

It's called Summer Skies but that's not really important now is it? I'll do a better one soon. I promise.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Some upcoming new stuff...

You know how i always talk about my music writing and am currently doing some recording? Well, i have decided to straighten some songs out and do a few passable recordings (although the sound quality may not be great...still using a shitty mic) and post them up here for the listening pleasure of my avid blog readers.

Of course...none are done yet so it's still in the "coming soon" stages.


Coming soon to a blog near you!

p.s. To a blog near you? How much nearer can the internet be? Like...in front of you?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

I need a job...

Exams are over...and i really need a job.

There are few availabilities with regards to nearby places and all the jobs are really far off. Or at least they seem so. Wish i had a car then i wouldn't have to pine and whine about having to travel so far just to go to work...THAT is if i get employed at all.

We'll just have to see how it goes yeah? If anyone can help me out i'll be really grateful...and i'll owe you dinner. *winks*